About M-Flow Technologies

Technologies for a new era in upstream oil and gas production

M-Flow aims to be the go-to provider of Multiphase metering and monitoring for the new era in upstream oil and gas production. Our focus is to give customers data that helps them to maximise production, improve asset value while minimising their operating footprint and HS&E exposure.

Our unique approach to sensor packaging, employing composite transparency, allows us to focus on accurate, repeatable metering for the harshest environments; delivering immediate CAPEX reductions and hugely reduced OPEX. M-Flow meters give clients quality data assurance at a cost appropriate for multiple installations in a low oil price environment.

M-flow is already demonstrating the value of the composite transparency with field deployments performing ahead of current solutions. M-Flow’s meters have been in the field for over 10 years with zero maintenance required.

Easy installation | intervention-free operation | low support costs.

Formed in 2012, M-Flow has grown a team who integrate:

  • optimised, digital, implementations of proven sensing systems
  • Industry leading knowledge of high-pressure qualified carbon fibre composite piping systems
  • oilfield operations and management experience combined with a track record in industrial technology delivery.

We recognized in our approach from day 1 that proving metering performance in the field and the absence of operational risk in were key to operator adoption. M-Flow’s products have been developed with field requirements including pressure integrity and field certification in mind.  Our first field deployment which has operated to consistently high accuracy with zero maintenance, downtime or recalibrations since 2014, established a platform which has been transferred to multiphase systems. 

In parallel M-Flow has implemented a scalable modular, manufacturing and supply chain, which allows rapid delivery to client specification. We take the view that our products should fit the clients needs from an easy ‘out of the box’ installation process through to intervention free operation, without substantial ongoing specialist support costs.