M-Flow Multiphase Meter offers simplicity and flexibility

Standalone the M-Flow meter can be installed at the wellhead to measure phase fraction.

Full three phase mass flow rate can be measured by combining the M-Flow meter with additional low cost meters and instrumentation.

In a consistent low GVF bubble flow, or a wet gas flow, an M-Flow Multiphase Meter can be interfaced with a standard Coriolis meter using M-Flow’s in meter software to combine and cross reference data from the meters.

Simplicity and Flexibility

The M-Flow Multiphase meter can be easily interfaced with 3rd party venturi, orifice, cone or ultrasonic metering devices.

M-Flow uses advanced electronics to deliver a proven self-diagnosing digital sensing system that enhances measurement accuracy.

Meters can be accessed easily via Modbus over serial, or a TCP/IP network and a user friendly interface allows calibration and communication changes without the need for specialist wellsite technicians.

The M-Flow Multiphase Meter has a small installation footprint and is simple to retrofit into any piping class. All M-Flow meter models are pressure tested to 545 Bar.

M-Flow's multiphase wellhead meter configurations chart