M-Flow gives confidence from repeatability

M-Flow’s non-metallic spool piece allows measurement of the full volume of fluid flow equally. This unique whole pipe measurement is made with microwave sensors and, when required, gamma density gauges.

This avoids reliance on either spot or narrow chordal measurements which make the meter performance flow regime dependent. This complete, direct measurement removes the uncertainty of flow regime modelling.

The absence of probes or narrow measurement windows in the pipe creates a highly reliable measurement even with heavy oil or solids.

The M-Flow Multiphase Meter delivers accurate repeatable measurements of water cut, gas void fraction and liquid volumetric fractions, without the need for frequent recalibration.


Performance and confidence

Unique carbon fibre construction creates signal transparency for repeatable non-intrusive measurement.

Multiphase meter-1500px

Wellhead Multiphase Meter

  • Accuracy +/- 1% in water cut

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Heavy oil capable water cut Meter


Microwave and Gamma whole pipe measurement

  • Larger measured volume for better accuracy.
  • Flow regime independent measurement, even in chaotic or slugging flow.
  • GVF range from bubble flow to wet gas flow.

Clear, high integrity, pipe bore

  • Non-Intrusive measurements.
  • Reduced head count and HSE exposure from expensive service personnel.
  • Continuous accurate uninterrupted data, in sour, waxy and other harsh environments

Embedded composite structure

  • Industry qualified sour service materials. No cleaning or sensor damage targets zero maintenance.
  • Harsh fluids cannot coat or damage intrusive sensors delivering repeatable measurements and no calibration drift.
  • With M-Flow Meters the client knows that when the measurement changes the fluids have changed.

M-Flow Pipe spool meter

  • Digital plug and play, out of the box.
  • Compact footprint for brownfield sites and wellhead installation.

Multiple meters in a single element

  • Cross validation for diagnostics of measurement and calibration drift.
  • Signal divergence can be used to identify mixed state.

Fully digital electronics

  • Not prone to drift
  • Simple GUI interface & Diagnostics