Using the digital oilfield to leverage operator value


Instant access to accurate and reliable wellhead data
is critical to maximising value


Introducing The M-Flow Data System – A Scalable Solution

Digital Integration Diagram 4

Real time, 24/7, anywhere – bringing you the data to deliver value

Key features for multi-well deployments

Field Measurement                   +

M-Flow uniquely provides

  • Repeatable, accurate raw data
  • Zero field intervention
  • Broad operating envelope

Data Management & Interpretation =

Methods & Philosophy

  • Complex calculations offsite
  • Transparency for the client
  • 3rd party data integration

Decision & Reporting Information

Client Delivery & Experience

  • Data aggregation and visualisation
  • Web based for global access
Data mgmt meters and globedoc 3
screen and mobile tablet 12

Simplify field operations

Maximise data access and value