M-Flow multiphase measurement systems deliver more value from your asset

Real-time data immediately identifies events such as water break through, gas break out or rapid changes in fluid fractions as they occur. This data can be used for immediate optimisation, leading to increased revenues.

Implementation of real-time data gathering across all wells within a field will improve well allocation and reservoir understanding, increasing ultimate recovery.


More value from your asset

The M-Flow Multiphase Meter delivers oil, gas, water volume fraction – key parameters for well and process monitoring:

By measuring with repeatability and accuracy, the relative and absolute proportions of the production fluids, the meter reports changes in water liquids ratio (WLR), gas oil ratio (GOR), formation water breakthrough, gas breakout, slug characteristics and a variety of other flow parameters.

M-Flow will deliver key production management data at a fraction of the cost of a multiphase meter, with limited, if any, onsite follow-up.

M-Flow oilfield deployment for full production measurement diagram